Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Once Upon A Time In Burma

This is a blog about a man, Captain Kyaw Zwar Myint(a.k.a) John James Lears who was a loving family man, father, loyal serviceman of a dictator General Ne Win of Burma, currently Myanmar.
I want to share my feelings and knowledge about Captain Kyaw Zwar Myint @ John James Lears @ Johnny Lears before and after he deserted Burmese Military Intelligence Service and left Burma in 1965.
I will try to make new post/page every week about John Lears @ Captain Kyaw Zwar Myint's life - a very religious catholic, very dedicated military officer, and generous lovable family man.
Anybody who were in middle age in Burma(Myanmar), Rangoon(Yanton), around 1960s would have known or heard about John Lears as General New Win's right hand man or best man.


  1. The picture of Capt. Kyaw Swar Myint that makes me surprise because his beloved younger son Maung(my husband)looks like his dad. I never seen Capt. Kyaw Swar Myint. When I saw that picture very at the first time from his daughter Mie, I admired of his ability, his smile and his strong religious. I felt bad when i heard Capt.Kyaw Swar Myint's family tragedies especially for my husband who never seen his father after he was born. I am so impress of my husband who got an idea to make blog of his father who is the hero of his life. I'd like to request whoever read this blog, please feel free to drop a line to share the feeling. ma

  2. I was very sorry for my friend,When he talked about his father and stories.Since I met him, I heard about this stories.I was sorry all of his family.Daddy was sending him a tape,called them to different phone No#.
    Sometime, he was crying as like a baby.His childhood life is very different from us.I compared with my own. His mother was pregnant when his father left, he was in the belly.
    I was sorry for mommy also, pregnant wife always needed their hubby when near to give birth.
    I don't know how many people read this blog, the writer means his father as a hero.I do too.
    The man Johnny was a hero for Burmese people.Even he didn't fight for British , he fought the evil of Burmese people.
    We all Burmese people are still poorer , away from family, live in different countries, slaves for other country,lost of ambitions. Because of Nay Win.
    I hated that guy and followers more than NA.Ah.Pha ( Myanmar military Gov).

  3. Kyaw Swa Myint was so handsome that Daw Khin May Than (Gen. Ne Win's wife) took him as an escort wherever she went.

    Gen. Ne Win loves "this" wife a lot that he afraid to intervened in her actions. But he was always tried to find a way to finish Bo Ga Lay Kyaw Swa Myint.

    Capt. Tin Oo (Lunbar), Maj. Sein Lwin (Butcher) and their groups were looking for a way to wipe out MIS top brass..So that they can take their place.

    Col. Lwin (Nha Khan Mhway Gyi) MIS Chief was so powerful at that time that Gen. Ne Win is afraid of MIS and he too wants to wipe them (Col.Lwin, Maj. Charlie, Tin Maung Htun, Tin Aung Go, Kyaw Swar Myint ,.etc) out.

    Furthermore, many of them were trained by US so those Socialist guys do not trust them.

    I'll write somemore later..
    Thats all for this time..

  4. I was together with Johnny at the Rangoon University, though we were not in the same class. He was a very friendly and easy going chap. He used to come and played ping pong at my hostel when ever he's free.
    At that time, I also had a very close friend U Ye Htun, who used to work for Department of Civil Aviation together with Tom Cardozo, a brother-in-llaw of Johnny. They lived very close together at the Mingaladon quarter. So I came to know all of Johnny's sisters and we had great times together.
    In 1965, I was arrested though I was not directly involved with Johnny, but with another friend of Johnny. I was together with a French Catholic priest who helped him escaped over the Pegu Yoma mountain, in the cell at Insein jail. The priest was later released and deported. I spent nearly three years in Insein and the rest is history.
    By the way, my friend U Ye Htun passed away early this year at the age of 85. That's my story of my friend Captain Kyaw Zwar Myint (a.k.a) John James Lears.

  5. Capt Kyaw Zwa Myint,ADC, was a handsome gent, I can still see him chatting to Daw Khin May Than who was sitting inside a black Mercedes Benz at the War Office car park in the early '60 s. I was waiting for my dad there also.