Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kyaw Zwar Myint's (a.k.a) John James Lears Childhood

Johnny Lears was born on December 24, 1931 in Mandalay second capital city of Burma, currently Myanmar. His father was Mr. James Lears and mother was Daw Tin Pu. Mr. James Lears was a foreigner who was working at district council's office in ShweBo in Mandalay Division, and mother was a Burmese national, a typical housewife. The father was a Roman Catholic, and the mother converted from Buddhist to Catholic after their marriage.
John James Lears was called Johnny since he was young. Johnny was an only male in the children, and had 3 older sisters and 2 younger sisters. They all were raised as Catholics. Nobody really knew about his father's origin: Johnny's closest cousin in Australia mentioned that Mr. Lears came from India with his parents who were white Caucasians. Mr. Lears died in a car accident in 1939 while on a trip with his cousin. Mr. Lears' cousin felt responsible for Mr. Lears' dead, and took Johnny's family to Mandaly to live with him.
Johnny went to high school at St. Peters in Mandalay and finished his high school there. He was known as Wynn Saing when he was in his middle and high school, and he changed his name to Kyaw Zwar Myint.

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  1. Kyaw Swa Myint was so handsome that Daw Khin May Than (Gen. Ne Win's wife) took him as an escort wherever she went.

    Gen. Ne Win loves "this" wife a lot that he afraid to intervened in her actions. But he was always tried to find a way to finish Bo Ga Lay Kyaw Swa Myint.

    Capt. Tin Oo (Lunbar), Maj. Sein Lwin (Butcher) and their groups were looking for a way to wipe out MIS top brass..So that they can take their place.

    Col. Lwin (Nha Khan Mhway Gyi) MIS Chief was so powerful at that time that Gen. Ne Win is afraid of MIS and he too wants to wipe them (Col.Lwin, Maj. Charlie, Tin Maung Htun, Tin Aung Go, Kyaw Swar Myint ,.etc) out.

    Furthermore, many of them were trained by US so those Socialist guys do not trust them.

    I'll write somemore later..
    Thats all for this time..