Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's Share What We Know About Captain Kyaw Zwar Myint (a.k.a) John James Lears

This is the first update that I, son of John Lears, post after I created this blog.
Everything on this blog is about the life of John James Lears (a.k.a) Johnny Newman (a.k.a) Captain Kyaw Zwar Myint. The main reason about this blog is to share about his life, his dedication to his country, his colleagues, and his family.

Captain Kyaw Zwar Myint (a.k.a) John Lears joined military intelligent service (MIS) of Burma after General Ne Win took the power in 1960, and became Ne Win's bodyguard and right-hand man.

Another reason I made this blog is to gather more information about my father, John James Lears, and to puzzle them together. There are some gaps in his life, and only a few people know these gaps and information because they were there with John when these events happened.
I wanted to gather these missing information and put all these puzzles together to put his whole life together, so everybody who knows him will know and figure out what exactly happened to him.
I am hoping that his colleagues, friends, even strangers who knew him, could share or give some missing information when they read this blog.

I will start with my dad's childhood life in next week.
Thank you for sharing this with me.

Son of Captain Kyaw Zwar Myint (a.k.a) John James Lears


  1. Kyaw Swa Myint was so handsome that Daw Khin May Than (Gen. Ne Win's wife) took him as an escort wherever she went.

    Gen. Ne Win loves "this" wife a lot that he afraid to intervened in her actions. But he was always tried to find a way to finish Bo Ga Lay Kyaw Swa Myint.

    Capt. Tin Oo (Lunbar), Maj. Sein Lwin (Butcher) and their groups were looking for a way to wipe out MIS top brass..So that they can take their place.

    Col. Lwin (Nha Khan Mhway Gyi) MIS Chief was so powerful at that time that Gen. Ne Win is afraid of MIS and he too wants to wipe them (Col.Lwin, Maj. Charlie, Tin Maung Htun, Tin Aung Go, Kyaw Swar Myint ,.etc) out.

    Furthermore, many of them were trained by US so those Socialist guys do not trust them.

    I'll write somemore later..
    Thats all for this time..

  2. Very Interesting John, I look forward to reading more and I hope you are able to gather more of what you don't know.

    ~Matt Snyder